Spotted Lanternfly Cicada Life Cycle Specimen Set


Real simplified 3 stages Life Cycle of Spotted Lanternfly Cicada – Lycorma delicatula specimen encased in clear lucite material. The specimen is crystal clear, indestructible and transparent. Safe, authentic and completely unbreakable product put real life cycle right at your fingertips!

Anyone can safely explore the life cycle from every angle.

It is clear enough for microscope observation.

Size of the lucite block is 75x75x9 mm (3x3x0.4 inch).

Each one comes with a cardboard box for easy storage.

Weight of the lucite block is 60 g and 90 g with packing box.

1) Eggs 2) Nymph 3) Adult

It is an ideal learning aid for students and kids and also a very good collectible item for every body.

This is a handmade real animal specimen craft. Each one will be a bit different (specimen size, color and posture) even in the same production batch.

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