Philadelphian Justin Swain Crafts Lanternfly Dice

Recently, Jeremy Swain shared his latest creation with the world — Lanternfly Dice. His custom dice have real spotted lanternfly specimens entombed in resin.

Reactions have been strong, mostly positive and rolling with it, mixed with a few disturbed by the concept. One commenter put it best: “chaotic good”.

We got the opportunity to sit down with Jeremy and interview him.

Hi. Can you introduce yourself? Where are you from?

My names Justin Swain, life long Philadelphian. Part time dice maker.

What was your inspiration for the lanternfly dice?

I’m just starting to get into the hobby and I’ve been trying to think of unique designs to try out. There’s so many amazing dice makers out there creating some amazing stuff so if I wanna set myself apart I gotta think unique.

I was stomping some lanternflys the one day and thought that their wings would work really well in some dice and after some more hunting I had what I needed to make what you seen in that photo.

Have you made any other dice with crazy designs?

Nothing else quite as crazy yet. Like I said I’m still quite new to it all so simple designs help work out any problems you may run into.

I did however get a TON of requests for lanternfly sets so I think I’m gonna be making more of those soon and I’ve got some plans for some other unique designs that I wanna test out first.

We’ve seen spotted lanternfly mugs, shower curtains, even earrings. Do you have plans to sell your dice on Etsy or elsewhere?

No store quite yet but I have a feeling an Etsy store is in my future quite soon 😉

Do you have a message for all the spotted lanternflies out there?

I’m coming for you…

Spotted lanternfly dice

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